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Week Beg 18th May

Thank you so much to all of you that have sent us pictures of your work, home projects and those of you that have just wanted to say ‘Hi!’. We really love to hear from you so keep it up!
We know lots of you have pets at home. We would enjoy seeing pictures of how your pets are helping you stay safe at home and maybe even helping with your home learning! Here is Mrs Hudson’s cat Holly keeping her company while she works from home.

This week’s suggested learning:
Daily Maths Practise. 
Follow this link to complete the Bronze/Silver/Gold/Platinum morning maths. Each day there is a different set of challenges. Just do the tasks set for that day. You can find the answers there too!

These do not correlate to the times table challenge as they cover various topics in the maths curriculum not just times tables. Try to do the colour you did during morning maths.

Here are the year 5 spellings for 18th May.
They are all examples of ‘words with an /ear/ sound spelt –ere-’. 

sincere, interfere, sphere, adhere, severe, persevere, atmosphere, mere, hemisphere, austere

Ensure you know what each word means by checking the dictionary.
Also enclosed is your Word Search and look/cover/write/check.



This week we would like you to spend time revising some of the decimal topics you have covered over the last couple of weeks on MyMaths. You will see that the units have been set for you to complete.
Once you finish, please make sure you log out so that your work is saved.


  • Complete the lesson and online homework for the Year 5 unit ‘Rounding Decimals’
  • Complete the lesson and online homework for the Year 5 unit ‘Ordering Decimals’
  • Complete the lesson and online homework for the Year 5 unit ‘Adding and Subtracting Decimals.
  • Complete the lesson and online homework for the Year 5 unit ‘Decimal Compliments to 1’

Follow this link and try some of the fun games on fractions and decimals


English – Macbeth
For the next 2 weeks we will be looking at the play of Macbeth by William Shakespeare.
Watch episodes 1-4. Once you have watched all 4 episodes, complete the following activities.
Here are the transcripts for each episode if you would like them.


Activity 1 – Writing Task
After Macbeth kills King Duncan write a diary entry to show how he is feeling after the event. Write your diary at the point where Lady Macbeth returns to plant the weapon on the guards. Use the diary mat to remind you what a diary should include.


Actvitiy 2 – True/False Evidence finding sheet.
Read the letter Macbeth sends to Lady Macbeth. Complete the True/False sheet. Decide whether the statements are true of false and then find evidence in the letter to support your answer.
Lady Macbeth letter
Evidence sheet 


Activity 3 – Reading comprehension.
There are 3 here, you only need to do one but choose the challenge that suits you.
Read the story of Macbeth and then answer the questions.
Mild Comprehension-Macbeth
Medium Comprehension-Macbeth
Hot Comprehension-Macbeth


Other Activities

Part 2 of Mrs Green’s art.

Topic – museum presentations.

The 18th May is World Museum Day. The Jorvik Viking centre located in York is a brilliant resource for learning more about the Vikings. Why not explore some of the resources on the website.
We recommend these two to begin with:
Viking video about Viking artefacts. (Scroll down to find the clips)
Watch the video about the Viking sock and the Viking coin. If you would like to answer the questions about the clips,
Click here.
Watch a short clip to explain how the Vikings invaded England. (You will need to scroll down to the bottom to find this)


Code-breaking activities.

After the VE Day celebrations, we were thinking about some of the work that took place to help The Allies win WW2. Code-breaking at Bletchley Park was vitally important.
Have a look at this website.
There are lots of brilliant codes to break if you fancy a challenge.
Have a good week of learning and enjoy the weather!
Take Care,
Mrs Hudson & Mrs Taylor.


Week Beg 11th May

Time is flying by. It is hard to believe we will be half way through May by the end of this week! We hope you all had a great week and enjoyed your VE day celebrations at home. We really miss seeing you and teaching you, so please keep sending us your photos and emails. Here are a few pictures we have received over the last couple of weeks.



This week’s suggested learning:

Daily Maths Practise.

Follow this link to complete the Bronze/Silver/Gold/Platinum morning maths. Each day there is a different set of challenges. Just do the tasks set for that day. You can find the answers there too!



Here are the year 5 spellings for 11th May. They are all examples of ‘adverbials of place’. 

nearby, everywhere, nowhere, inside, downstairs, outside,  upstairs, underneath, behind, somewhere

Click here for this week’s word search.


The Boy at the Back of the Class.

Chapter 7 – Mr Irons’ Nose.



Follow this link for the final lesson of week 2 on decimals, fractions and percentages.  YOU WILL NEED TO SCROLL DOWN FOR THIS LAST LESSON OF WEEK 2


The remaining lessons are in Summer Week 1 and are all about decimals. (Week Beg 20th April) SCROLL DOWN TO THE BOTTOM

Watch each lesson and then complete the sheet that accompanies it. Remember, you can watch it more than once and pause it if you need to. You don’t need to print the sheet, have a pencil and paper ready so you can look at the question on the screen and then write your answers down.
Lesson 1 Adding Decimals Within 1
Lesson 2 Subtracting Decimals Within 1
Lesson 3 Complements to 1

Friday Challenges (If you would like a little bit more maths)

Click here  for the Friday Challenge answers.


This week’s work is based on ‘Butterflies’ by Kevin Crossley Holland.
Click here for Butterflies unit of work.
Included are some SPaG activities and a short writing task.


Florence Nightingale

Our amazing NHS has been in the spotlight for all of the selfless work they’ve been doing over the last few months so it seems appropriate to acknowledge that on Tuesday 12th May it is Florence Nightingale’s birthday. It is 200 years since she was born!

Have a look at the following links to find out more about the ‘Lady of the Lamp’
BBC Teach Class Clips
Horrible Histories Florence Nightingale


Here are a couple of activities you may wish to do:
Florence Nightingale Comprehension
Florence Nightingale Comprehension Answers
Florence Nightingale Comparing Hospitals 

Water Mills and Marshes

This week they have teamed up with RSPB Strumpshaw to celebrate Bird Week and the post is all about Bird Migration and the Dawn Chorus (peaking this week). There’s a couple of short animations explaining how and why birds migrate and why they are all busy singing at the moment.
It also includes a portrait of each of the Broads National Park’s Migrant “Big 5” – osprey, swallow, swift, little tern and cuckoo.
Activities range from making bird feeders and water tables to crosswords, jigsaw puzzles and word searches.


Art – Doodling


Everyone loves to doodle don’t they? Whether we are doodling without realising or doodling to create a piece of art, it is something everyone can do. And, it can be a way of relaxing too! Here are a couple of doodling activities you might like to have a go at.
We would love to see what you can create.
Create a zentangle and a doodle fish here.



Don’t forget to check the Norfolk School Games website to see what this week’s challenge is. Come back later in the week to see Mrs Taylor’s attempt!


We hope you have another good week of learning. Please do keep us updated about what you are doing and keep those photographs coming as we would love to be able to share some more on our class page and on the newsletter.

Take care,

Mrs Hudson and Mrs Taylor.


We have left some of the activities and links from previous weeks in case you would still like to have a go at them.


Click here for Water colour Painting activity with Mrs Green

Harry Potter Escape Room

Have a go at the challenges and try to escape the room!



Great for revision and learning new vocabulary! We’ve used this in class.


Touch Typing

Improve your typing with these online tutorials.


 Topic – The Vikings

Our topic for the summer term is The Vikings.
We would still like you to find out about the Vikings over the next few weeks.
Below is a list of different activities you could complete linked to the topic. (If you have your own idea for a line of enquiry, we would love to see that too!)
You DO NOT have to complete every single one. Instead we would like you to choose the 2 or 3 that appeal to you most!
Click here for topic activity ideas


Here are some useful websites to get you started with your Viking research: