Revision for Year 6 pupils

Please click on the link below to view the powerpoint presentation from the previous year’s SATS parents information evening (which will give you an idea of what SATs is all about, even though they are not taking place this year, due to the coronavirus pandemic).

The following websites provide excellent opportunities for you to develop the skills you needs to do well in SATs tests.

Bitesize – the BBC site for learning is a great place to go for revision exercises and games, to help with both the maths and English SATs tests (Reading, Writing, Grammar and Spelling)

MyMaths – as a school we have subscribed to this site, and each child in Year 5 and 6 has his/her own login and password, to access the online lessons and homework section.
The homework tasks will be set by their maths teacher (and pupils will need their login / password for these activities)

However, you can also access the site for booster work in the run up to SATs. For this section you do not need your password / login, and you can do as much or as little booster work as you choose.

Click on the ‘Six Booster’ tab and then choose activities from the drop down menu which will help you with your revision.  Choose the relevant area of maths, then the level of difficulty.

If accessing the website using an ipad. Download an app called Puffin Academy – then enter MyMaths using this app.

Do let your teacher know if you have any further difficulties or if you cannot access MyMaths from home.  Homework set, based on mymaths, will need to be completed on time.

IXL Another good site for parents to look at is IXL, which gives children maths practice based on each of the objectives of the maths curriculum and gives example questions for every single objective of the new curriculum too. Parents may subscribe to this site if they wish to do so.