Home learning guidance

We are setting home learning tasks and activities on a weekly basis, uploaded on our class web pages by the class teachers.  They are putting up the next week’s work any time from Friday afternoon (of the previous week) up until Monday morning.  This means that you, as parents, are able to have a look at the work that has been set and make decisions about how your child will engage with the work over the course of the week.  We know that you, as parents, understand your children the best and we also recognise that each home is different, with many competing demands depending on your circumstances.

Please do use your child’s class e mail to make contact with your child’s class teacher and to share work and achievements over the course of the week.  We love seeing what the children have been learning and will respond to any questions or difficulties as they arise.

At this time, we all need support in dealing with the massive changes that we are facing.  Supporting mental health, for both children and adults, is so important.  The Anna Freud centre has produced a great resource which can support families at this time. mentally healthy schools 

Mrs Maunder has also put together a helpful list of ways to keep safe and mentally healthy whilst our current restrictions are in place: children’s mental health and well being

Guidance to parents about keeping children safe from harm during the current situation, when many are still learning from home:  https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/coronavirus-covid-19-keeping-children-safe-from-abuse-and-harm/advice-to-parents-and-carers-on-keeping-children-safe-from-abuse-and-harm