Our staff

School leaders and staff “have ensured that the school is one in which
pupils and staff work together harmoniously.”
Staff are “proud to work at the school; well supported; trusted to innovate in their work;
and that the training they receive supports improvement in their practice.”     
                                                                                                 Ofsted February 2019

Headteacher: Mrs R Clarke





Deputy Headteacher: Mrs E Tovell



Teaching staff:

Reception (RS)
Year 1 (1L)
Year 2 (2T)
Year 3 (3M)
Year 4 (4B)
Year 5 (5HT)
Year 6 (6LO)
Mrs F Scott
Miss J Lansdell
Mrs E Tovell
Ms J Margerum
Miss Jessica Bode
Mrs A Hudson & Mrs E Taylor
Mrs L Lloyd & Miss R Owen
Mrs R Maunder

Teaching assistants:

Mrs S Belgrave-Lock
Mrs E Bould
Mrs D Dunne
Mrs C Green
Miss S Tunmore
Miss K Mewse
Miss S Clarke
Mrs S Hemnell
Mrs J Hornagold
Miss S Elphinstone
Mrs K Scott
Miss M Firago
Mrs L Roberts
Mrs C Monument

Midday Supervisors:

Mrs W Haynes (Senior Midday Supervisor)
Mrs R French                               Mrs N Dibble
Miss R Jackson                           Mrs J Smith
Mrs E Knell

Breakfast Club Supervisors: Mrs W Haynes & Mrs R French

Owl (After School) Club Supervisors: Mrs W Haynes & Mrs R French

Office Staff:
Nicky  Mrs N Bruce (School Business Manager)
  Mrs T Copsey (School Administrator)


Caretaker: Mr A Secker

Cleaner: Miss C Hicks