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Barton (Year 4)

Welcome to Year 4 class

Our class name for this year will be 'Barton’.

'Barton Broad was purchased by NWT in 1945, and is the second largest of the Norfolk Broads.

The Broad was dug out in the Middle Ages for peat extraction. Later, the River Ant was diverted through its centre, allowing navigation. Prior to the Second World War the Broad was famed for its clear waters and rich diversity of aquatic plant life. In the second half of the 20th century pollution led to increasing nitrate and phosphate levels and an abundance of algae, to the detriment of other biodiversity. Since the 1990s, the river quality has steadily improved. Nutrient enriched mud was pumped out of the broad in 1995 and with improving water quality, fish and aquatic plants have made an impressive comeback, along with other species. The surrounding fen areas are home to a number of nationally rare plants and invertebrates.'

The centre is managed by the Norfolk Wildlife Trust (NWT) and this will therefore be our chosen charity for the year.

Click here for further information about Norfolk Wildlife Trust

Class information

Our PE days are: Wednesday and Thursday.

On our class PE days, please can your child come into school in their PE kit. Please ensure they still have a jumper/hoodie/sweatshirt as well.

Our curriculum newsletter for this term is:/docs/Year_4_Spring_Curriculum_Letter_2024.pdf



Our curriculum overview for the year is:

      Overview of the year - Years 1-6


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