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Acle Primary maths calculation policy

The full document is available below, in addition we have split the policy into the relevant year groups, just click on your child's year group to open the document.

Helpful video's

Each year group have produced a selection of videos about how we use calculation methods in our maths. Click on the buttons below for your child's year group to find out more about how these methods work. Please do let Ms Margerum (our maths subject leader) know if you find these videos helpful, or see Ms Margerum or your child's class teacher if would like to learn more about a particular method.

Reception class

button_reception-addition      button_reception-addition-one-more   


button_reception-subtraction    button_reception-subtraction-using-a-number-line     

button_reception-division-as-sharing button_reception-multiplication-doubling

Year 1 class

button_year 1-addition    button_year 1subtraction    button_year 1-division    button_year 1 multiplication

Year 2 class

button_year 2 addition 28+6      button_year 2 addition 48+36      button_year 2-subtraction

button 2_year-division       button_year-2 multiplication

Year 3 class

button_year 3 addition      button_year 3 subtraction       button_year 3 division       button_year 3 multiplication

Year 4 class

button_year 4 addition-using-a-number-line           button_year 4 addition-using-the-column-method

button_year 4 subtraction-using-a-number-line      button_year 4 subtraction-using-the-column-method

button_year-division-using-a-number-line             button_year 4 division-using-bus-stop

button_year 4 multiplication-using-grid-method     button_year 4 multiplication-using-formal-method

Year 5 class

button_year 5 addition      button_year 5-subtraction      button_year 5 division      button_year 5 multiplication

Year 6 class

button_year 6 addition      button_year 6 subtraction      button_year 6 division      button_year 6 multiplication

Maths websites for children in Reception to Year 6

Just click on the logos to be taken to their website.

           images                      header7                                   images

Supports maths learning in                Good website for grouping games,                        An online maths practice website.
Reception / Foundation Stage                       for all areas of maths                     (allows a certain amount of free practice per day).

                 images                                          images                                                      mathszone

This site covers all areas of maths            This site has a good variety of                   This features users' most popular games                                                                                 games for all stages of primary school             from across a range of different sites

              StarterOfTheDay                              mathsisfunf120_60                        coolmaths4kids

An activity is featured for every day                 Covers all areas of maths                  This site covers all areas of maths
of the year                                                        and contains logic puzzles

BBC bitesize                                                   images                                                     images

BBC Bitesize KS1                                            BBC Bitesize KS2

BBC Bitesize for KS1 or KS2 children, using interactive videos and                                         Fun games for KS2 children
interactive games, click on the fish with the orange background for KS1                               and it also features an area for
and the fish with the blue background for KS2                                                                                              parents

Websites for parents

These websites offer advice and activities you can do with you child to help their maths

family maths toolkitThis website offers advice and free activities to do with your children, as well as ones you can purchase. It even suggests books to read with your child that have maths in them.

youcubedThis is a Stanford University website with lots of advice and articles but also suggestions for Maths games and apps that teach maths visually and conceptually rather than focusing on calculations and speed. The link to the apps and games for children to use is available HERE.

oxford owlThis is a site developed by The Oxford University Press to support parents in helping their children with mathematics. There is advice and support, games and activity ideas for how best to help children develop as a mathematician. They even have suggestions for e-books to help your child with their maths at home.



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