The Acle Cluster Schools

Acle St Edmund Primary is part of a cluster of seven primary schools which feed into Acle Academy. These schools are:

Acle Cluster Collage New 2015 webAcle St Edmund Primary
Cantley Primary
Fairhaven Primary
Fleggburgh Primary
Freethorpe Primary
Lingwood Primary
Reedham Primary

As a cluster we have the benefit of an extended schools coordinator, John Grayson, who is based at Reedham Primary School. John co-ordinates the wide range of extra-curricular activities which we have planned for the  children of the cluster schools, such as last year’s Cluster Olympiad, as well as a number of sporting and cultural events.

Other events are organised by Acle Academy, for the benefit of all the feeder schools, such as Science Shows and extension activities.

You can find dates of future cluster activities on our calendar page.