Year 6 class

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Norwich Science Festival

This year it is all online, which means more is free, and everyone can get involved.

Have a look at what is on offer here for families over Half term.

My favourite is a live session looking at the night sky in Australia!  Not for the squeamish but the dissecting one looks great too!

The Night Sky Live! with Mark Thompson


Maths Homework

Here are the answers for last week’s Maths homework. If there are any problems with the work or you need any more support with this work, please do email us.

Weds 14th October Maths Homework answers

We will not be giving out any Maths Homework for over half term but if you would like to see how you are getting on with TT Rockstars – go for it!


Thursday 15th October

Maths Homework

This week’s homework we are using the Maths Practice Question books. The 2 pages we would like the children to complete are:

p 8 looking at Mental Methods for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division

p12 Multiples, factors and prime numbers.



Wednesday 14 October

Well done for completing your homework this week. Here are the answers for you to mark your own work. Please do contact us if there are any problems with any of your answers. 
Multiplication and Division Homework answers

Monday 12 October

Today we were finding out about thermal insulation – We made and tasted a Baked Alaska.  Why is this a thermal Insulator?

W/b Monday 12 October

English Homework

This week we would like you to practise parenthesis and commas (pages 31 & 32 in your book) in class we are trying really hard to use both of these tools in  our writing, so a bit of practise will really help.

Here are the answers. Enjoy!

Recommended Reading

Here is an updated reading list of books you might like to try. Have a read through and see if there is one you could try. 


W/b Monday 5 October

‘This week, we have been planning an evacuee letter and a diary from someone in The Blitz. In Maths, we have been trying out more efficient methods for doing division. We tried bus stop method and also had a go at a factor method. Bus stop method is better for 1 digit but factor method is better for 2 digits. We made a jumper for a cup in Science the water inside the cups started at 90 degrees and ended up at about 70 degrees.’

William and Cody

Maths Homework for this week

p10 and p11 – Written Multiplication and Division – please do ask if you are confused with anything (preferably before next Wednesday!) 

A reminder that the Maths homework is due on Wednesday 7 October. The activity has been set on MyMaths and all the children took their log-ins home last Thursday. It is all about rounding and place value this week.

Please do contact us if you need help logging in. 

English Homework

this week is pages 29 & 30 of you Green SPAG book. I will post the answers here soon. It is consolidation of all the punctuation we use in our writing. 

Wednesday 30 September

Here are the answers for this week’s Maths homework.

Homework answers

We are not marking the children’s homework but instead asking them to check their own work using the answers we will put on the website. If there are any problems please do encourage your child to talk to us, in class. The homework is a consolidation exercise following the work we have been doing in class.

Tuesday 29 September

A very wet day today! The children coped brilliantly and we did manage to get outside for break time and a little bit of lunchtime too.

Please could everyone remember to bring a change of footwear into school. (Trainers and their wellies would be ideal) and a waterproof coat. We are trying to get outside as much as possible despite the weather. 

Maths Magic

Here is the maths magic we did today, for those who wanted to try it at home! Click here

Monday 28 September

Today in science each table carried out their own investigations into thermal insulator and thermal conductors. Is a plastic cup a good thermal insulator? Using Dataloggers and thermometer we all found out!  Everyone had a go at drawing line graphs of their results too. Great first effort!

In Maths everyone worked hard on their multiplication calculations methods today. Solving problems and practising their skills. We will be working on this all week, so plenty of time to build up confidence and efficiency!

This afternoon we face timed  Farmer Joe who was in the calf shed! The class asked lots of questions. Joe showed us his youngest calf – (just 24hours old) also a calf that was born 2 days ago who was nearly all white.  See the pictures below. We will be face timing Joe every fortnight to discover lots more about the farm.

English Homework: 25 September

This week we would like you to complete Pages 5 & 6 of your books. It is all about adjectives and verbs.  Here are the answers

Friday 25 September 

We have had another very busy week in Year 6 and we ended the week with the

 Rainbow Certificates

being awarded to

Joe and Esmé

for their fantastic, methodical working out in Maths. Well done you two! 

Maths homework

p7 Word Problems and
p9 Written addition and subtraction.
Remember to ask for help if needed. The answers will be put up next Wednesday.
How did you get on with last week’s homework? Any problems – do let us know!

Wednesday 23 September 2020

Here are the answers for last week’s Maths Homework. I have also reminded the children to talk to us about their homework if they are struggling with answering the questions or indeed if they are struggling to see how their work was/is incorrect once they have marked it all. 

Maths homework answers 

Monday 21 September

We have had a great start to the week.  Today we have started our Science topic, which is Materials and their properties – we found out about thermal insulators and thermal conductors.

Today we have also read another part of Goodnight Mister Tom. We are really enjoying the story, currently focusing on the dialogue- thinking about why the author has used it.


Today we gave out SPAG books. These are for the children to keep at home. Each week we will suggest a page for homework. This will be consolidation of work the children have done in class. I will also put a link to the answers so that once they have completed the page at home they can check it.  

This week its Page 4 on Nouns.  Here are the answers

Friday 17 September 2020

The children have had another fabulous week and, although perhaps a little more tired than last week, have really been a credit to themselves again.

We have been completing assessments in SPAG, Reading and Maths, so we can ascertain as to where there may be areas of focus needed for each subject over this half term.

In our Topic work we have been thinking about the features of a newspaper and have started to plan our own news story about the outbreak of the Second World War in 1939. There is a great link here if the children need to remind themselves about what they should be including.

We have given out Maths homework this week (SPAG will be going out at the beginning of next week). All the children have been given a ‘Maths Practice Question’ book which they now need to keep safely at home. Miss Owen will give out the Maths homework every Thursday and will put the answers on the class webpage the following Wednesday for the children to mark their own work at home. We have already spoken to the children about the homework system needing to be a little different this year. The homework will, of course, have a link with what we have been doing in class that week and if the children are struggling at all with any aspect of their homework they have been encouraged to talk to us about it during the week and we will go through any of these issues with them.

We hope you all have a wonderful weekend and keep sending in news of what you have been up to so we can share with the rest of the class.

Monday 14 September 2020

Good morning!

What a wonderful start to the new academic year last week! It was superb to see all the Year 6s back and eager to start learning. 

We have been very busy and not only have we been completing a Daily Mile every day, we have: started out World War II topic, reminded ourselves of place value and negative numbers, started reading Goodnight Mister Tom, brushed up on our atlas and map reading skills, made gas mask boxes, taken part in a variety of PE and Games activities and had time to catch up with one another and enjoyed the sunshine! Phew! 

The class have also been extremely sensible with all the new rules around school. 

On Friday the Rainbow Certificates were presented to Oscar and Olly for their brilliant contributions during our whole class discussions and for making a great start to the year. 


The children brought home a reading record sheet, on Friday. Could you please initial each box when you hear your child read or discuss their book with them, it needs to stay at home until your child has read 100 times. When they return the completed record to class they will receive their certificate. 

Friday 11 September

Here is our Curriculum Newsletter for World War 2 for this term. Please share this with your parents so they can see what our plans are for this term. 

Homework This week we have not set any home learning for you. Please continue to read lots of different styles of writing this weekend.  This could be a fiction or non fiction book, a newspaper, a magazine or a recipe. 

Click here to see a recommended reading list of fiction and non- fiction books.

Tuesday 8 September


We have had a great start to the year!
At the current time your reading books and reading records we gave you this week need to stay only in school. Please tell us about any books you are reading at home as well though.  If you are struggling to get to the library or can’t find a book at home let us know and we can sort you out with one, when you return it will be kept in quarantine for 72 hours, before returning to the bookshelf

Here are some pictures from the week.

4 September 2020

Good morning!

We thought you would like to see some pictures of your classroom! All that is missing is your lovely, smiley faces – we are so looking forward to seeing you next week.

This year we will be doing our PE and Games sessions on Wednesdays and Fridays, so on these days you will need to come into school with your PE kits on please. An extra layer is advisable when the weather is not too warm. Remember our classroom windows will be open all day! 

We would like you to have your trainers in school everyday as we will be participating in some form of outdoor exercise each day of the week and of course don’t forget your water bottle every day too!

Remember please do not bring in your own pencil cases and equipment, we will provide everything you will need.

We will see you bright and breezy on Monday morning 🙂


Here is a list of recommended reading.  Many of these are in school for you to choose.

Year 6 Recommended Reading