Year 6 class

Monday 20th July

We are really looking forward to seeing you all!

Here are the timings for the morning.

  • 9- 9.30am – Year 6 arrive through the back gate.
  • 9.30 am- Outside games
  • 10.00- Leavers Assembly for Year 6 and Teachers.
  • 10.45- Year 6 Break, snacks and socially distant catch up.

11.00- 12.00 Parents arrive. Please enter the hall through the Fire exit at the back of the hall.  Thank you.  All parents should have been sent a staggered arrive time.  Please join us for a cup of tea and a viewing of the Year 6 slide show.

We look forward to seeing you all over the morning.


Have a fabulous summer.

















Week beginning 13th July 2020

Good morning Year 6 and welcome to the last full week of school! What a very different type of school we have been having!

We have some exciting events coming up over the next week and will hopefully get a chance to see you all!

So, on Wednesday we have our Zoom meeting at 10 am – your parents should have been sent the links for this but do contact us if you are having problems. During this meeting there will be a chance for anyone else to share work you have been completing about your country or anything else you would like to share linked to your home learning. We have a little quiz for you too! The answers will be revealed as we go along but you may want to have a pen/pencil and paper with you so you can compete with one another! The questions are a mixture of all things Y6 – don’t worry it will not be that tricky!


And next Monday we have our Leavers’ assembly. Letters have been sent out about this also and again please contact us if you have any problems, we are really looking forward to seeing you ALL in one place again! We have a little assembly sorted and last week the class (in at the end of the week) wrote a poem to be shared within this, if you would like to find a suitable poem or write your own and read it out, do let us know before Monday 20th July. We are really looking forward to seeing you.

This week’s home learning – as it is the last week of term, we are not putting as much on our page as usual. If you would like some more challenges there are lots of fabulous ideas on the BBC Home learning site. You could have a look at activities within the Year 7 section too.


Maths – have a go at some more puzzles! A few more here too!


Art – in class we have had a look at some of Keith Haring’s work. Have a look at this link to Street Art and find out more and have a go!



The focus for this week’s Science Newsletter is Biodiversity, lots of ideas as usual on here for you to have a go at.



Our Vikings work ends with looking at the Viking Gods – have a look at Viking Gods to find a little more about them. Perhaps you could have a go at making a Top Trump card for your favourite God? I reckon Loki’s card would be a pretty good one to have!


This week’s Art Gallery:


We are looking forward to seeing you all over the next week and a bit!

Miss Owen and Mrs Lloyd




Week Beginning: 6th July

Hello Year 6.

It was fantastic to see so many of you on our class Zoom on Wednesday. The time and effort you have put into your countries has been brilliant.  We loved seeing all the different ways you presented you hard work. Thank you. Hopefully we will be able to organise another Zoom altogether before the end of term!

 Here is the work for this week. Enjoy.


This week it is all about circles and problem solving


Start by watching the videos here. This will tell you what the parts of the circle are called.



Try out these problems.  They start of easy and get progressively harder! You will just need a piece of paper and a pencil.


How did you get on with yesterdays challenges? See if you can improve how far you get today! Maths Challenges.

Thursday    Circles- Watch this video and then perhaps either make a real pizza at home or draw one. Then you can measure the radius and diameter.


Your final challenges of the week.  Can you get your best score?

Maths Challenges

Vikings/ English

  • In class we are going to be finding about Viking shields and then designing our own, using our new circle skills.  Maybe you would like to make one at home too? Here is some information to get you started.

  • We are also going to look at Viking writing, which was called Runes.

    Can you write your name in Runes? Here is a sheet
    that might help.

Watch this video to help you see how runes were used:


Lots of you have told us how much you are enjoying finding out about how your circulatory system works. Here you will find a great selection of videos and facts to help you build up your understanding.

Here is the latest Newsletter from the Cambridge Science Centre.

Make you own country

This week, as your final activity for your country we would like you to create a national sport of your country or a national meal.  You could of course do both!

Many people in the UK believe our national sport is football and our national meal would be fish and chips.  What do you think?

We look forward to seeing your ideas!


Here is Sam’s Shadow Art from last week’s home learning. Fantastic effort! 

Have a good week.  Mrs Lloyd & Miss Owen.


Week beginning 29th June 2020

Hello Year 6, hope you are all well and have had a great week of learning at home and/or in school? Remember to keep emailing us with lovely things you have been working on at home.

We have planned a Zoom meeting for Wednesday 1st July at 10am, your parents will be sent the invite email so you can hopefully join us for a whole class chat! We are hoping that our meeting will last about half an hour!

We would love to catch up with you all and we would like you all to have some time to share what you have been doing with ‘Your Country’ work. You will have time to introduce your country to us all and tell us where in the world you have placed it; what the flag looks like; you may want to sing the national anthem (absolutely no pressure to do this though); tell us all about the rules and what type of ruler you have decided on and the houses you have built for your population! We look forward to going on a virtual trip with you and visiting as many countries as possible!

When you join the meeting please make sure that you enter with your computer’s audio muted please! We will go over the rules with you once we are all in!


Also could you try to bring in an old t-shirt ready for signing over the next couple of weeks. Children who are not in school perhaps you could drop one of at school when you are collecting the Home Learning paper packs or just pop one in to the office. We would ideally like them all to be in school by the last full week of term (week beginning 13th July) so we can ensure that as many people as possible sign them for you. Our plan is to lay out your old t shirts to give you all and the teaching staff a chance to sign them. We are trying to organise something for the end of term and hope to fill you in more about this over the next couple of weeks also. Watch this space!

But for the meantime we look forward to seeing as many of you as possible on Wednesday for a Zoom meeting!


Home learning for Week beginning 29th June

Continuing with our Viking Topic, the focus is Viking trade this week. Have a look at the video and find out what life was like as a trader.

With your own country – it is now time to think about money! What kind of currency will you have? Will you have your head on the coins? Or will you have some other form of currency – perhaps potatoes or seashells etc?



Now we are well and truly into the last part of the Summer Term we will no longer be giving out new spellings, so it is time to revise what we have already given to you over the last half term and see how many words you can remember how to spell. Perhaps just focus on the ones you still find tricky!



This week our focus is on Time.

Monday 29th July

Watch the video and have go at these questions about time – they get a little harder as the sheet goes on!

Answers here

Tuesday 30th July

Timetables Video

Timetable Questions


Wednesday 1st July

We thought you would quite like a football focus, now it is well and truly back in our lives – although just on screen at the moment. Please read the instructions before you start each activity, as you need to select the level you think you are at.

Football times

Thursday 2nd July

Thursday Maths Timetables

Friday 3rd July

Friday timetable activities  Please complete either the two or three star challenge sheets



Check out the most recent Science Newsletter  for exciting investigations to do all about blood! 


Light is so important in a piece of artwork, whether you are studying the effect of shadows on an object and then thinking about how you should be adding shading to emphasise this. Or you may be thinking about the different colours you see at different times of the day in the sky, when painting a landscape. This week is all about using our main light source, the sun, to actually do the ‘painting’ bit for you. Can you find/make interesting shadows to make a piece of artwork. It could be a very literal piece of shadow work or you could perhaps get a bit more inventive and produce something more abstract – I would love you to have a go at this! I am looking forward to experimenting in class with some of you next week- but also have a go at home too. Here are some ideas to inspire you! Most of all enjoy yourself!


We hope you have had a lovely weekend and look forward to seeing all of you at some point next week.

Remember to keep emailing us any fabulous news or exciting activities you have been up to!

Miss Owen and Mrs Lloyd