Year 6 class

Friday 22nd May 2020

Hello Year 6!

We are not putting any Home Learning up for next week as it is Half Term and you need a break! 

 Here are some photos we have been sent this week, showing your lovely smiley faces and the wonderful things you have been up to. Keep the photos coming in! Our class email address is :

There is also a 7 Days of Kindness Timetable you may want to try?

Be kind to yourself and each other. We hope you have a restful week and look out for updates to our page on

Monday 1st June.

Hello Year 6!

We hope you are well?

So, here is the home learning we would like you to complete for this week. Thank you for all the emails this week.  Here are some of the pictures we were sent this week:

Click here to see Seths science video.


Time for some more investigation!

Continuing with our forces theme we are going to look at levers! Watch these 2 videos to find out about them, then have a go at the investigation.   How many levers can you find in your home?

Video 1

Video 2

Lever sheet investigation

You will need a ruler- the longest you can find, a rubber, a pencil and lots of 2 or 1 pence pieces!  Let me know how you get on!

Extra Activities

Here are some more  ideas to try at home. I loved the milk one!

Do you want to know more about Covid -19? Read this newsletter  from the Cambridge Science Centre.


This week we are looking at Superheros 

  • First of all, read the Super hero poem.
  • Find out what decisive, inclined, upholsterer and apathy mean?
  • Practise reading it aloud. Perhaps you can find someone else in the house who can read the bits in brackets, try out different ideas and decide when it sounds best.
  • What are the bits in brackets called? Clue, look at your spag work this week!
  • Can you create your own super hero? planning sheet
  • Now write it up, we would love to see them. Put all your ideas into one or 2 paragraphs.
  • Now, label all the illustrations to show their powers.

Here is Imogens Superhero .The whole booklet is here if you would like more activities about superheros.

Super heros 1

Super heros 2


BBC – relative clauses   What do you think of the song? Can you do the actions?

Super hero -relative clauses relative clauses 1  Highlight or find all the relative clauses. The answers are in the booklets above.


We are up to week 6 Here is a word search  to help you learn them.

You could ask an adult to test you on Friday.


This week we are looking at fractions.  Each of the topics below links to videos and quizzes for you to try.  There are also worksheets and games to play if you want further practice. The answers to the worksheets can be found here too. Don’t forget you don’t need to print out all the worksheets, you can just jot down answers on a piece of paper.

If you want a bit more practise you could try playing the games on this website.


Time for some composing!

I know lots of you have instruments at home so why not compose your own piece of music? We would love to hear them.

Here is Brody with his composition ” Lockdown ‘

Here is Sam with his composition ‘Roller’

Here are some videos and activities to inspire you.



Dali really divides people- its like marmite- you will either love it or hate it!
Dali clearly had the most amazing imagination and he expresses it through art. His type of art is called Surrealism.
Find out all about him here.


Here is some of his famous pieces.

Sadly, we can’t have a class trip to Spain just at the moment so …  here is a virtual tour of the Dali museum in Figueres, Spain.

On your virtual tour can you find the real car?  What is inside?

What do you think of Dalí’s artwork? Is it funny, weird…scary?

Mrs Green art.


Farmer Joe :

A quick update. We face timed Joe today. He was enjoying the lovely weather, keeping busy in the fields. Small bird has grown again and is now 102 cm! On Thursday morning he had just ‘borrowed’ a brand-new tractor! He has it on demonstration for 1 week!  Its massive, green, can drive itself and also has air conditioning! Can you guess how much it costs?

Here are some pictures of inside the cab and of small bird, she is the second from the right looking straight at the camera.

Enjoy!  We hope you have a lovely Half term Holiday.

Mrs Lloyd & Miss Owen.

Week beginning 11th May 2020

Hello Year 6!

We hope you are well? Did you celebrate VE day? Send us any pictures you managed to take to show us what you got up to – we would love to see them!

Remember if there is anything you would like to ask us, send us or just want to say hi and have a quick chat, we have our very own email address. We miss you and it would be great to hear from you!

So, here is the home learning we would like you to complete for this week. It has been brilliant receiving emails with all the activities you have been up to related to our set tasks but it has also been super to receive questions about anything you’re having problems with!

Don’t sit and struggle – please do ask us for support!

Here are some of the pictures we were sent this week:


Time for a bit of Harry Potter

Harry Potter Howlers


Year 6 Week 5

Word Search


Commas, bracket and dashes



5 a day challenges

May-11      Answers

May-12      Answers

May-13      Answers

May-14      Answers

May-15      Answers

For our Home Learning this week we have decided to try out MyMaths.

We have set you some addition, subtraction, multiplication and division tasks – they will be accessible from Monday 11th until Monday 18th May. We hope you have your passwords! Remember you stuck them in your reading records? If you cannot find them email us and we will send you your log in details.

These are the first level log in details:

User name: aclestedmund

Password:   thirty

To get into your own account and the work we have set for you, you will then need your own log in details.

The tasks shouldn’t take very long but remember to make jottings if you need to. If you go to the actual lesson page too, there are some games to play if you fancy having a go at these too.

Go on, you all know you are pretty amazing with your calculation skills!



Continue with Mrs Lloyds’ challenges and also have a read of the Open Up Science Newsletter

which has more exciting Science tasks for you to have a go at!


Artist of the week:    Piet Mondrian

Another artist I particularly like is this Danish artist who just loved his straight lines and bold colours. He was into his dancing too, so I like him even more! I have a mirror inspired by his work:

But I particularly love his brightly coloured pieces – especially the ones with yellow in them!

So art challenge for this week:

  • Find out about this brilliant artist here

  • Have a go at recreating his work but with a twist!! Have a look around your house or garden for items you could use instead of the obvious! So maybe instead of bold lines you could use spaghetti, wool or sticks? Instead of paint you could use your clothes, books or a towel?

I always like to have to go at the challenge myself first, so here’s my Mondrian Make Do.

What do you think? I am absolutely convinced you can do better! Do remember to ask before you ‘borrow’ anything. I made sure I ate all the cucumber, put the fruit back in the fruit bowl and gave the scourers to the next person to do the washing up! Have fun! Miss Owen


Next Tuesday (May 12th) is the 200th anniversary of the birth of Florence Nightingale and is the International Day of Nurses.

To find out more about the incredible ’lady of the lamp’ click here and explore! There are lot of fab tasks on offer for you to perhaps have a go at to celebrate her and all other fantastic nurses!

I particularly like the look of the design a medal activity.


Water, Mills and Marshes Activities

Another brilliant opportunity to learn more about our local area. This week the focus is Trading Wherries. Lots of facts and wonderful things to have a go at!


Have a great week Year 6. We look forward to hearing from you.

Miss Owen and Mrs Lloyd