Year 5 class

If you need to speak to either Mrs Hudson or Mrs Taylor please do email us on: and we will reply as soon as possible.

Friday 16th October

This week we have been busy practising addition and subtraction in maths. In English, we have been writing descriptions based on air-raids in World War II and our Anderson shelters are coming along nicely! It has been such a busy half term and we are really pleased with how hard you have all been working in Year 5.


Over half term we would like you to do the following:

  • Practise on Times Table Rock Stars as much as possible. Knowing your times tables really does help with so many areas in maths. We would like everyone to be able to instantly recall their times tables up to and including the 12s so please get practising!


  • Carrie’s War – Our class novel is Carrie’s War and we will be continuing with this after half term. If you would like to recap what we have read so far follow the link below and listen to any of the episodes 1- 5.–ks2-carries-war/zk7mcqt


  • Spellings – Here are all of the statutory spellings for Year 5 and 6. Have a look through the list. Below is a list of activities and tasks you could do to help you learn some of them. Even if you aim to learn just 5 that will be of great help to you.


Half Term Spelling Activities

Friday 8 October

It has been another busy week in Year 5. We have been learning all about thermal conductors and thermal insulators in our science lessons. We learned that one of the best materials for conducting heat is metal and we designed jackets for plastic cups to test which material is the best thermal insulator.  We have continued to learn about WW2 with a focus on Anderson Shelters and how a family would stay safe in an air-raid.


English – This week we have been learning all about modal verbs. We listened to this song in English to help us remember what a modal verb is. Please listen again by following the link below:

Now watch the clip and complete the activity and quiz from BBC Bitesize.

Finally complete the worksheet below. There are 3 levels of challenge, choose the sheet that you are most comfortable with. You only need to complete one but if you would like to do more you can!
Modal Verbs Homework Worksheets

(Scroll down for answers)

Maths – We have been learning about negative numbers this week. There are a selection of video clips to watch below to refresh your memory.

Then complete the worksheet below. Again, there are 3 levels of challenge, so choose the level you feel is most suitable for you.
Negative Numbers Homework Sheets

(Scroll down for answers)

Going forward with homework we would like to trial a new system.

So that we are able to offer whole class feedback and support with any of the questions you have found tricky, we would like you to bring your homework into class on Thursday 15th October. We will discuss the work together and you will mark it yourself. We will then give you next week’s homework to take home and complete.

Spellings Week Beg 12 October

Group 1 and 2 – apply, supply, identify, occupy, multiply, rhyme, cycle, python, hygiene, hyphen

Friday 2 October

These first 4 weeks back at school have passed so quickly, it is hard to believe we are already in October! It has been another great week of learning. This week we have been typing up our newspaper reports as well as learning about numbers to 1,000,000 in maths.

Anderson Shelters

We have been busy learning all about Anderson Shelters and designing our own that we will be making next week. Please could you collect materials that could be used on Tuesday 6 Oct to make an Anderson shelter. Items such as shoe boxes, cereal boxes and cardboard are perfect. Please could we ask that the children bring all of their items in their own named bag for their own personal use. We will be able to provide some materials but the children will not be allowed to share their resources from home.


Maths – This week our work has been all about numbers to one million. Please complete the following activities:

Year 5 Numbers to a Million Worksheet
Year 5 Numbers to a Million Extension

The answers are provided for you to check your own work. If there are any that you are unsure of we will always go through them on a Thursday morning in class. Alternatively, please see one of the adults in class and we will be happy to help.

English – We have been revising the different word classes in our English lessons this week. Please watch the following video clips to refresh what we have learned.


Now complete one of the following activities on identifying the different word classes. There are 4 levels of challenge, each with the answers provided, so choose the level you feel most confident with.

Word Classes KS2 SPAG Mild 
Word Classes KS2 SPAG Medium
Word Classes KS2 SPAG Hot
Word Classes KS2 SPAG Extra Hot 

Spellings for Week Beg 5 October.

Group 1 & 2 – symbol, mystery, lyrics, oxygen, symptom, physical, system, typical, crystal, rhythm.

Thursday 24 September.

We have had another good week of learning in Year 5. We have particularly enjoyed investigating which cup is best for keeping a hot drink warm for longer. We have also been planning and writing our own newspaper reports based on the outbreak of WW2.



To consolidate our learning about rounding to the nearest 10/100/1000, have a go at playing the game and complete the worksheet below.

Year-5-Round-to-10-100-and-1000 Maze Game 

There are printed copies in class that can be taken home. Unfortunately, at the moment we cannot take them back but if you would like to send us any pictures of the completed work we would love to see them!

(Click on the links for the answers)


In our science we looked at some of the most famous scientists to have ever lived and what they are famous for discovering or inventing. This week we would like you to choose one scientist to research so you can share what you have found out in our science lesson next week. Again, please email pictures or work to the class5 email address above if you wish.

Here are some useful websites:

Spellings for w/b 28 September:

Group 1 – ambitious, cautious, fictitious, infectious, nutritious, contentious, superstitious, pretentious, anxious, obnoxious.
Group 2 – serious, various, anxious, curious, obvious, previous, precious, glorious, spacious, furious.