Year 5 Class

Welcome to the last Year 5 Class Page for

this school year!


We would just like to take this opportunity to say thank you to you all for all of your hard work during these somewhat challenging times. We are so, so proud of each and every one of you. We have absolutely loved teaching you this year and were very sad that it was cut abruptly short in March by the pandemic. However, you have all been amazing at keeping us up-to-date with your work, adventures and achievements – it has kept us busy but we have loved having the contact with you.
Have a wonderful summer holiday. Please stay safe and enjoy a few weeks off before you start back in September as Year 6! We know you will be fantastic in this role and enjoy all the responsibilities and opportunities that it will give you.


If you would like to contact either Mrs Taylor or Mrs Hudson, you can use the following email address:

If you would like to contact Mrs Lloyd or Miss Owen please use the following one:



We have left some of the activities and links from previous weeks in case you would still like to have a go at them.

Daily Maths Practise.

Follow this link to complete the Bronze/Silver/Gold/Platinum morning maths. Each day there is a different set of challenges. Just do the tasks set for that day. You can find the answers there too!


Here is the statutory list of words for Year 5 and 6.


All About Me

This week the work we have set is all about you! We thought it would be a really good idea for you to write a bit about yourself so that the Year 6 teachers, Mrs Lloyd and Miss Owen, will know a bit more about you.
Work your way through the different activities throughout the week. If you are not in school, you may like to email us your work or drop it into school so we can pass it over.

Transition All About Me booklet UKS2


Here is a summer-themed booklet of activities for you to work through this week. It has many of the key concepts we have learned this year in maths.
Year 5 Summer Themed Maths Booklet – Questions
Year 5 Summer Themed Maths Booklet – Answers


If you would like a further challenge, here is the Year 6 booklet.
Year 6 Summer Themed Maths Booklet – Questions
Year 6 Summer Themed Maths Booklet – Answers


Please keep practising your times tables on Times Table Rockstars. There are so many of you doing so well on the school leaderboard, it would be fantastic to keep this going.


As with the maths this week, here is a summer-themed activity booklet for you to complete.
Year 5 Summer English Activity Booklet
Year 5 Summer English Activity Booklet Answers


Again, we have uploaded the Year 6 booklet below if you would like a further challenge.
Year 6 Summer English Activity Booklet

Year 6 Summer English Activity Booklet – Answers


Water Mills and Marshes

For an update on the water parsnips, watch the video below sent from Natasha from the Water Mills and Marshes team.


For Week 9 and the last of the posts, it’s a great topic – Ghosts, Myths and Magic of the Broads National Park! WMM has teamed up with Weird Norfolk and artist Jazz Owen of Norwich University of Arts, who allowed them to use her stunning pictures based on the various tales – so do have a spine tingling look.
This week’s Activity is all about writing a ghost story based in the Broads National Park.

Current Affairs

We’ve been hearing a lot in the news about the ‘Black Lives Matter’ campaign and protests but what is it all about?
Watch the clip from Newsround to find out more.
This has meant that we have heard the term ‘Wind Rush Generation.’
This clip from Newsround explains it.
The Windrush Powerpoint explains a bit more.
Now, if you would like, you can complete this A memorable Journey activity  about the Wind Rush Generation.

Blue Peter Badges

Blue Peter have recently launched their 6 Badges of Summer challenge. We have been so impressed with all of the things you have been doing at home these last few weeks that we think that every single one of you would be able to earn at least one of the badges on offer. Everything you need to know is in the following links:,pay%20for%20parcel%20postage%20if%20bigger%20…%20

For those of you who have been in school, you have already started to think about which badge to apply for and may have started your application. If you have a picture that you would like to send in with your letter, email it to the class email address above and we will print it off for you to enclose in your letter.
It would be fantastic to see you all in September wearing one!


Cambridge Science Newsletters
OpenUpScience_Issue10_Maths_Digital (1)

Activity 1

Continuing with our topic of blood and the circulatory system, follow this link to the BBC bitesize website. There are a few short clips to watch and two activities to complete at the end.

Activity 2

This term, our topic in science would have been blood. We would have been learning all about the changes in the human body as we grow, the functions of the heart, blood vessels and blood and how diet, exercise and the way we live can affect our life span. Follow this link for an online lesson to watch. Below is a worksheet to complete.
The lesson is called Animals including Humans circulatory system.


Activity 3

Follow this link for another lesson to watch about our topic of blood and the circulatory system.
**WARNING THERE ARE REAL ORGANS IN THE CLIP**  but it is a really good watch!


Make your own model of Macbeth’s castle.

If we had been in school, Mr. Stannard would have rejoined us and would have been teaching you. As that cannot happen, we have been in contact with him so he can set you a challenge some weeks that you may like to complete.

This week, as part of our work on Macbeth, you could create Macbeth’s castle using junk materials you have at home.

If you would like some inspiration, you could use this site.

Do send us a picture of your work so we can share it on our class page!

The Broads Authority is running a “Broads in Miniature Competition” until June 24th  with a chance for anyone to win a Broads Goody bag and Columbia voucher.

See this link for more information.


For this week’s art activity, you will need tin foil. The challenge is to create tin foil sculptures and aliens. Some of you who have been in school will have already had a go at this but why not have a go at creating a tin foil wizard to link with our English work.
Art activity 
You can use these links to help you.

Part 1 of Mrs Green’s art.

Click here for Water colour Painting activity with Mrs Green

Part 2 of Mrs Green’s art.

Topic – museum presentations from the Jorvik Viking Centre

Viking video about Viking artefacts. (Scroll down to find the clips)
Watch the video about the Viking sock and the Viking coin. If you would like to answer the questions about the clips,
Click here.
Watch a short clip to explain how the Vikings invaded England. (You will need to scroll down to the bottom to find this)


Great for revision and learning new vocabulary! We’ve used this in class.


Touch Typing

Improve your typing with these online tutorials.


Topic – The Vikings

Our topic for the summer term is The Vikings.
We would still like you to find out about the Vikings over the next few weeks.
Below is a list of different activities you could complete linked to the topic. (If you have your own idea for a line of enquiry, we would love to see that too!)
You DO NOT have to complete every single one. Instead we would like you to choose the 2 or 3 that appeal to you most!
Click here for topic activity ideas


Here are some useful websites to get you started with your Viking research: