Year 4 class

Welcome to our Year 4 class page!

I would love to see your work and hear about the learning you have been doing at home, so please e-mail it to me at:

Hello 4B, hope you are all well. I can’t believe we have come to the end of Year 4 and home learning! I just want to say a huge well done to you all for working so hard and it has been lovely seeing you all either in school or on zoom! Thank you also to the parents who have done a great job home schooling- I really appreciate the effort that has gone into this. It has been an absolute pleasure being your teacher this year. I know it hasn’t quite gone as planned, but I am so proud of each and every one of you and all the wonderful things you have achieved this year. Enjoy your summer holidays and stay safe! Miss Bode x

Week 13th July – 17th July


School: Complete this school memories activity sheet.
School: Work through this writing challenge.
Home: Work through this BBC Bitesize poetry lesson.
Home: Complete this SPAG mystery activity.
Home: Work through this BBC Bitesize lesson on conjunctions.


This week your Maths is all linked to statistics and data.
If you are in group A, you will do Monday’s and Tuesday’s activities with me at school.
If you are in group B, you need to have done the activities for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday before you come to school.

Topic Task

School: 5 Senses Scavenger Hunt
School: Observation Alphabet
School: Create some outside artwork. We will be doing this with chalk.
Home: Work through this French lesson on BBC Bitesize.
Home: Work through this BBC Bitesize lesson on wellbeing and teamwork. Then complete this activity.

Class Playlist

I thought I would leave our class playlist here and we can continue adding to it over the last few weeks of term. We have been listening to it at school a lot!

I would recommend turning autoplay off in playback settings on Spotify to make sure only the songs in our class playlist are played! 

Blue Peter 6 Badges of Summer

You may have already heard about Blue Peter’s 6 Badges of Summer, but if you haven’t, you can find out more information here and you can have a look at the wall chart here. Please let me know if you get involved with this as I think it is a fantastic idea!