Year 2 class

2T Home Learning – Monday 18th May to Friday 22nd May

Here are five more activities for Maths and English/Topic. Just like last week, it is completely up to you when you do them or how many you do. As always, I’m here to answer any questions and see your wonderful work at


This week, we’re going to recap measurement, including money.


  1. Challenge yourself to find totals of different amounts of coins.

I would add up all of the tens first and then the ones.

For example, 50p + 20p + 10p = 80p and then 5p + 5p + 1p = 11p…. 80p + 11p = 91p.

Don’t worry if you do not have real coins at home at the moment. You could draw them, but you could also do this activity without any coins at all. Just make sure the values you choose to add up are real coins (no 3p coins for example!)


  1. See how many ways you can make a particular value. Aim for at least 3.Here are some examples that I thought of for 54p:

50p + 2p + 2p

20p + 20p + 10p + 2p + 2p

10p + 10p + 10p + 10p + 10p + 1p + 1p + 1p + 1p

10 x 5p + 2p + 2p

54 x 1p

27 x 2p


  1. Practise telling the time as much as possible this week. Try to include telling the time to five minute intervals, including quarter past, quarter to and half past. Telling the time is a very tricky skill to learn, but practice makes perfect. I would recommend using an analogue clock rather than a digital as you can link your knowledge of fractions (quarter, half…) and counting in 5s to help you. Here are some templates of clock faces if you would like to try drawing hands on a clock to match a given time as an extra challenge.


  1. Match the unit of measurement, the tools you would use to measure and the type of measurement. measurement match game

Can you use any of these tools to measure different items in your house. Can you record the measurement with the correct symbol or unit of measurement?


  1. my maths

I have set you a few maths tasks this week, all involving measuring. Feel free to do as many or as little as you like. I’ll keep them up to continue over the Half Term break as well.



 English and Topic

Spelling, reading, handwriting and recapping some learning from our Around the World Topic


  1. Week 5 Spellings

know     knot      knife       knight       knit       knee       gnat       gnome

with    all     we     can     are


  1. Watch Mrs Tovell read chapter 14 of Tilly and the Time Machine and answer the questions.

What was the colour of the furniture and carpets in the office that Tilly appeared in?

Can you remember where we have seen the man with the moustache before?

True or False: Sir Digby Snottington’s desk was very messy

Sir Digby’s original letter said that Tilly’s dad would never invent a time machine. Was he right?

There were lots of scientists in the laboratory. What did Tilly say they were all wearing?

Why do you think Tilly’s das wanted his desk to be far away from Sir Digby’s office?

Tilly changed Sir Digby’s letter. What do you think will happen because of this?


3. Read chapter 2 of Little Red Riding Hood and then complete the sheets

a) LittleRed Chapter 2

b) littlered_chapter 2 quiz

c) littlered_chapter 2 activity


4. Can you match the country its popular food?

Australia                                                      Pizza

China                                                           Tacos

Italy                                                               BBQ

Israel                                                             Maize Chapati

Mexico                                                         Chow Mein

Uganda                                                        Hummus and Pitta Bread


If you’re able, why not try one of these meals and write a review about it?


  1. Handwriting Joining the Letter ‘y’

Click Here for Page 1 

Click Here for Page 2




Do these activities to recap some learning about animal habitats. There are even some ideas to make your own one at home.




Fun Stuff!



Look at some of these examples of art made from nature. I love how artists, such as Andy Goldsworthy, use natural materials such as grass, leaves, sticks and stones to create patterns and images. Can you find any natural resources in your garden or while you’re on a walk to create your own masterpiece? Send me the pictures and we I can make a gallery to share next week.


Pobble 365

I’ve had so much fun exploring this website. It will give you an image each day with a set of questions, ideas and activities. You could do as many as you’d like – and feel free to share what you’ve done with me too!


Code Monsters

Have a play and develop some skills to enable you to become a real life computer coder! I know some of you have already had a go at this so thank you for recommending it.


Mrs Tovell’s Tadpoles Froglets!

They are looking more and more frog-like each day! Their back legs are now fully grown and some of them are starting to develop small front legs.


Thanks again to everybody who emailed me over the week. Looking at your work is always the highlight of my week so keep them coming. Here are some photographs of what 2T were up to last week:





2T Home Learning – Monday 11th May to Friday 15th May

Here are five more activities for Maths and English/Topic. Just like last week, it is completely up to you when you do them or how many you do. Remember that you can email me at – I love seeing what you’ve all been up to.



This week, we’re going to recap the multiplication and division unit

  1. Match the repeated addition to the multiplication.

3+3+3+3                              2+2+2+2+2+2+2+2+2                      5+5+5+5+5+5+5                                10 +10+10        3+3+3+3+3+3+3+3               2+2+2+2+2                                     5+5+5                                10+10+10+10+10+10             3+3                                      2+2+2+2+2+2=                                 5+5+5+5                                 10+10+10+10+10

2×3                         3×5                         6×10                       4×3                         4×5                         5×10                       3×10                       8×3                         6×2                         5×2                         9×2                         7×5


  1. Solve these multiplications and division problems. Don’t forget to practice your quick recall on TT Rockstars any time!

4 x 5 =                 10 x 3 =               2 x 8 =                  9 x 3 =                  7 x 5 =                  7 x 10 =                6 x 2 =

5 x 3 =                 2 x 5 =                  4 x 10 =               2 x 11 =                6 x 3 =                  9 x 10 =                8 x 5 =

14 ÷ 2 =               15 ÷ 5 =               20÷10 =               12÷3 =                 16 ÷ 2 =               45÷5 =                 60÷10 =

24÷3 =                 18 ÷ 2 =               100÷10 =            20 ÷ 5 =               21÷3 =                 24÷2 =                 10÷10 =


  1. Match the multiplication to the division in order to show the inverse relationship

4 x 5 =   20          10 x 3 = 30          2 x 8 = 16            9 x 3 =27             7 x 5 =35             7 x 10 = 70          6 x 2 =12

27÷3=9                70÷10=7              20÷5=4                16÷2=8                 12÷2=6               35÷5=7                30÷3=10


  1. Here are a couple of multiplication and division worksheets to complete

a) multiplication and division sheet 1

b) multiplication and division sheet 2


  1. my maths

I have set you a maths task ‘Mixed Tables 2, 5 and 10’. The task will close on 17.05.2020



 English and Topic

Spelling, reading, handwriting and recapping some learning from our Around the World Topic

  1. Week 4 Spellings

dice   circle   cell   cylinder   accident   circus   centre   cancel

for   at    his    but     that


  1. Watch Mrs Tovell read chapter 13 of Tilly and the Time Machine and answer the questions.

What did the maids do to Tilly’s hair?     Cut it.      Curled it.      Put a hat on it.

The book says that the maids “rouged her cheeks and powdered her face”. What does that mean?

Why was Tilly so happy when she saw the afternoon tea?

There were lots of different foods at the afternoon tea. How many can you name?

Do you think Queen Victoria liked spending time with Tilly? How do you know?

There are only 3 chapters left of this book! In which remaining chapter do you think Tilly will finally get back to her Dad? Chapter 14, 15 or 16?


3. Read chapter 1 of Little Red Riding Hood and then complete the sheets. Parents, please feel free to do this task however you wish. You could read the text to the children or they may be able to do it independently. Either is fine. 

Chapter 1 Reading: LittleRedChapter 1

Chapter 1 Quiz: littlered_chapter 1 quiz 1

Chapter 1 SPaG Activity: littlered_chapter 1 activity 1


4. Can you match the country to its flag?

Australia        China          Italy        Israel          Mexico        Uganda


Can you re-create these flags through drawing, collage or painting? Use the pictures above to help you. Make sure you use the same colours.


  1. Handwriting Joining the Letter ‘t’

Click Here for Page 1

Click Here for Page 2




How do humans stay healthy?

Complete these activities about a healthy heart and a healthy diet:





Fun Stuff!

Mindfulness Colouring

Can you find some time in the day for a bit of quiet time? Here’s one idea. but you could also search for some ‘mindfulness colouring’ on Twinkl, find a quiet spot to sketch or take your pencil for a curvy walk on your page and colour in the gaps you’ve made. Aim for 20 minutes of quiet time, with no talking or getting distracted. Maybe put on some peaceful music.

Florence Nightingale

This Tuesday (12th) would have been Florence Nightingale’s 200th birthday! Would you like to find out about this important person from the past? Can you share what you find out with me?


Mrs Tovell’s Tadpoles!

What is different to last week? Can you spot the tiny little legs growing on the back? I had to zoom in really far because they’re still very small. What do you think will happen next?

Stitch Head

Guy Bass has uploaded some videos of him reading one of our favourite class novels from the year… Stitch Head!

Click here to watch