Year 2 class

2T Home Learning – Monday 13th to Friday 17th July

Well done! You’ve made it to the last week of home learning. As well as saying well done to all of the children, I’d really like to thank to all of the parents who have been delivering these activities over the last 12 weeks. It’s been lovely to see so many photographs and receive lots of brilliant work. Whether it’s been a few minutes or a few hours a day, you’ve all done such a great (but often thankless) job, so thank you!

If you are in school this week, please can you avoid doing the tasks labelled “In school” as these are the activities that we will be doing in school.


This week, we’re going to have some more problem solving fun!

  1. In school: More or less with money. Find the total and compare with another. Maths Task 1
  2. In school: Can you keep to a budget? What can you buy from this café? Maths Task 2
  3. Magic squares problem solving: Maths Task 3
  4. Secret addition number paths: Maths Task 4
  5. Please choose from any of the activities or games in the Y2 section of My Maths



Spelling, Reading, Writing and Handwriting

  1. Week 12 Spellings

call     talk     wall     falling     tallest     walk     ball     chalk     small    always

very   come    will     back     from

2.Read the story of the Three Little Pigs and then answer the questions English Reading Task

3. In school: Can you pretend to be an estate agent and advertise the house that the three little pigs built? English Writing Task 1

4. In school: Extra! Extra! Read all about it! Write a newspaper report to spread the news of what the Big Bad Wolf has been up to. English Writing Task 2

5. Handwriting Joining the Letter ‘p’

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Additional Activities linked to this week’s Traditional Tale: The 3 Little Pigs

  1. In school: Scientific experiment to investigate the strength of the three pigs’ houses. Topic 1 investigation
  2. In school: Design a good house and a bad house. What makes it good? What makes it bad? Topic 2 

 how to make a pig pompom             pig crafts              make a windsock to measure the wind

  Walt Disney Silly Symphony  – Three Little Pigs              Three Pigs rap

And many more ideas…



Why did the Three Little Pigs houses work or not work?

Watch this lesson on Materials and then do the activities

science activity: materials 


Fun Stuff!

Have fun with these mystery challenges. Why don’t you make a team with someone in your family?

The mystery of the Missing Moji:   Task  1 Emoji Mystery

The Mystery of the Squashed Fruit: Task 2 The Mystery of the Squashed Fruit 

Missing Medal Mystery: Task 3 Missing Medal Mystery 

The Mystery of the Naughty Gnome: Task 4 The Mystery of The Naughty Gnome



2T Home Learning – Monday 6th July to 10th July

Notice for Parents:

 If you have still got a school library book at home, we would very much appreciate it if you would be able to return them to school in the next two weeks.

Also, we have collated all of the children’s books and work from the year ready to go home. These will be, or have been, sent home with the children who are attending school. If your child is not attending school, please feel free to collect them at any time over the next two weeks.


Thank you to the children who have been in school over the last two weeks. I hope you’ve had lots of fun. If you are in school this week, then have a look for the activities we will be doing in school and make sure to choose from the remaining ones when you are at home. Looking forward to seeing you!



We’re going to have a problem solving and reasoning week. Use your skills in a range of areas to help solve these problems:

  1. In school: Have some fun with these problem solving and reasoning challenges…. Follow-the-Clues


  1. In school: This challenging activity asks you to solve two-step word problems. That means that there are two different parts to each problem… Addition-and-Subtraction-Word-Problems-Activity-Sheet


  1. These activities need you to solve problems by counting in 2s, 5s and 10s…  2s 5s 10s Activity Cards


  1. Can you cut out these cards and use them to make a full circle? Full Circle


  1. I have set you three new tasks on My Maths  all to do with addition and subtraction.



Spelling, Reading, Writing and Handwriting

  1. Week 11 Spellings

dad   big   see   looked   went

cry   shy      fly    fry    July    reply    dry    sky    try    why

If you would like an extra challenge, can you add a suffix to some of these words? Make sure you follow the spelling rule: change the y to an i and add the suffix… For example,    cried        flies


  1. In school: Read the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears. Can you then pretend to be Goldilocks and write a letter to the bears to apologise for going into their home uninvited? Make sure you explain what you’ve done and how you know it was wrong. How can you make sure that you sound apologetic?


English Task 1

  1. In school: For this activity I would like you to respond to Goldilocks’ letter in two different ways. In one letter, can you forgive her and in the other, can you still be cross with her. Once you have written both letters, compare them. Have you used different words and different punctuation? Is the tone of each letter different? Is it clear how you feel without having to say it specifically?

English Task 2


  1. Since we are thinking of bears, why don’t you read this non-fiction texts about one of the most famous bears around… Winnie the Pooh!

Reading Comprehension Winnie the Pooh


  1. Handwriting Joining the Letter ‘b’

 Click Here for Page 1

 Click Here for Page 2



Additional Activities based upon this week’s Traditional Tale: Goldilocks and the Three Bears

  1. In school: Goldilocks on Trial …  Topic Task 1
  2. In school: An activity all about emotions… Topic Task 2


Click here for some additional Topic Ideas                   Porridge Recipes                History of oats and porridge

From farm to fork – how porridge oats are made                Paper Plate Bear



Too salty! Too Sweet! Too hot! Too cold! Too hard! Too soft! How do we feel these things?

Watch the video on senses and then complete the tasks

 Senses-taste-and-smell Sheet


Fun Stuff!

Can you make a 3D flower vase? Look at the pictures for some ideas.


Another wonderful week of learning Year 2! Well done!


2T Home Learning – Monday 29th June to Friday 3rd July




This week, we will be recapping time again. It is such an important area of maths and needs lots and lots of practice.

  1. In school: Can you use this template to make your own clock?   Make a clock Year 2


  1. In school: Problem solving and reasoning with time.  Reasoning and Problem Solving


  1. What time of the day do you do these activities? What time do you do these activities


  1. How many things can you do in a minute? What is a minute


  1. I have set you a new task “Telling the Time – to Five minutes” on MyMaths



Spelling, Reading, Writing and Handwriting

  1. Week 10 Spellings

pupil   gerbil   pencil   tranquil   utensil   peril   nostril

one   them   do   me    down

  1. Read the Story of The Emperor’s New Clothes and answer the questions: Reading comprehension


  1. In school: Compare The Emperor’s New Clothes to The Ugly Duckling (both of which were written by the same author) English Task 1


  1. In school: Biography of Hans Christian Anderson – Read the Fact File and then use it to create your own.

hans-christian-andersen-fact file

 Make your own Hans Christian Andersen fact file

  1. Handwriting Joining the Letter ‘k’

Click Here for Page 1

Click Here for Page 2



Additional Activities based upon this week’s Traditional Tale: The Emperor’s New Clothes

Can you make a quilt for the Emperor? Use your knowledge of repeating patterns to design one for him.

Art and Design Task 1

Can you design an outfit for the Emperor? Label and describe what you have designed

Art and Design Task 2

Online Tasks:

Narration of the story                           Additional Writing Tasks                 simple sewing projects for children

  Danny Kaye sings “king’s new clothes” from the film Hans Christian Andersen 

weaving activities                              making patterns with shapes                           And Many More ideas…



What materials would you use to make the emperor some clothes? Use your scientific knowledge to give reasons why some materials may be better than others.

materials for clothes


Fun Stuff!

Can you explore perspective with this fun activity? Take a photograph with a “perspective trick” in it…

Clingfilm Nature Picture

Look at the picture to see how to make a picture frame full of beautiful things you might find outside.

“Natural” Hair-Dos!

Make and cut out a picture of a face without any hair. Then go for a wander and see if you can find any hair-dos…

Pobble 365

Don’t forget about the ever changing activities available on Pobble 365