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The Packhams (Year 1)

Welcome to Year 1 class

Why are we The Packhams?

From a tiny seed, Chris Packham has raised awareness of the plight of animals and birds and has become well-known for his efforts to protect animals and their habitats and for wildlife conservation. He has been diagnosed with Asperger’s, and is on the Autistic Spectrum, which means he struggles in social situations but this hasn’t stopped him from becoming a television presenter, a writer, a photographer, a conservationist, a campaigner and a film-maker. We are inspired by his dedication towards conserving nature and how he speaks up for all of the animals and birds.


What charity are we going to support?

This year, we have chosen to support The Hawk and Owl Trust which for 50 years has been dedicated to conserving owls and birds of prey in the wild, conserving and managing their habitats and increasing knowledge and the understanding of them. We will hopefully raise enough money so that we can sponsor an owl box (or two!) We would also like to support Hallswood Animal Sanctuary by collecting used crisp packets that are then recycled with the Terracycle scheme and converted into money for the sanctuary.


Class information

Our PE days are: Wednesday and Thursday

On our class PE days, please can your child come into school in their PE kit. Please ensure they still have a jumper/hoodie/sweatshirt as we still have to ventilate the classrooms due to Covid.

Our class email (for use by parents to contact the teacher) is


Our curriculum newsletter for this half term is:

         Curriculum newsletter - Year 1 - Summer term 2022

Our curriculum overview for the year is:

         Overview of the year - Year 1


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