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Puffins (Reception)

Welcome to Reception Class

The Reception class are called 'Puffins'.  Puffins are classified in the UK as Red under the Birds of Conservation Concern. They are listed as vulnerable on the global red list of threatened species. For this reason we have decided to support puffins through The Wildlife Trusts by raising money to adopt a puffin. Puffins can be found all around the UK's coastline on islands and clifftops from April to July when they breed with the same mate each year and produce one chick called a 'puffling'. We are excited to support this charity and adopt as many puffins as we can through fund raising activities.

Class information

Our PE day is: Tuesday

On our class PE day, please can your child come into school in their PE kit. Please ensure they still have a jumper/hoodie/sweatshirt as we still have to ventilate the classrooms due to Covid.


Our curriculum newsletter for this half term is:

       - Reception curriculum newsletter Spring term 2023

Our curriculum overview for the year is:

         Overview of the year - Reception



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